Dr Mark Cox

Dr Mark Cox is medical doctor on a mission to simplify the complicated health and wellness space. Mark has recently started a social media presence as ‘TheStraightTalkingDr’ in which he provides his followers with easily digestible and accessible information on all aspects of medicine with an emphasis on Lifestyle Medicine and Mental Health. Mark completed his medical training in 2018 at Newcastle University and has since worked in hospitals across the North West of England, spending the majority of the last year on the frontline fighting the Covid-19 pandemic in both Intensive Care and the Covid wards of Manchester.

Throughout the first series of The Straight Talking Dr Podcast, Mark will be joined by eight inspiring guests who delve into their own experience with mental health by sharing personal stories relating to their battles, the lessons they have learnt, and the various coping mechanisms they have adopted along the way to manage their symptoms.
Looking to widen the conversation into mental health,

The Straight Talking Doctor aims to empower listeners with information, first-hand accounts, tips and advice they need in order to manage and alleviate any mental struggles they may be currently facing.